KORR Fixed Income

KORR Fixed Income LP & Loan Participation Interest


Senior Debt, Subordinated Debt, Preferred


Up to 24 months


10% annual return, paid monthly on 2-year Participation Interests in Notes

Profit participation if in the Fixed Income Partnership above 10%


Interest only


35-100% depending on liquidity and underlying collateral


Accredited investors can now earn passive income on debt typically reserved for institutional investors. Invest in ASSET BACKED notes, with targeted returns of 8-16% annualized, PAID MONTHLY! Whether you’re saving for retirement or looking for a higher income yield, the KORR Fixed Income fund or Loan Participation Interest may be the investment solution to help you achieve your goals.

Investing through Participation Interests allows off-shore investors to invest in our notes and through a tax treaty with the U.S. and completing a W-8 form, can avoid U.S. taxation.


KORR Fixed Income LP targets high income-producing investment opportunities through an opportunistic, US-based, value-oriented approach.

With a focus on income and acquisition of asset-based investments, KORR seeks and finds the most attractive opportunities
across various market cycles, with a solid risk/return profile in assets and industries including:

  • Real Estate
  • Corporate Private Credit
  • Commercial Loans
  • Medical Liens
  • Specialty Finance
  • Art Finance
  • Litigation Finance
  • Listed Debt & Preferred Securities

US-based Investors can participate directly through partnership interest. Foreign investors may qualify for interest tax exemption with applicable Form W-8.

$200 Million

Foreign investors may qualify for Portfolio Interest Tax Exemption with applicable Form W-8


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