KORR Principles

KORR is a Leader in Achieving Consistent Risk-Adjusted Returns for Our Partners

To be successful in value investing you must:

  • plan and execute while protecting capital and mitigating loss;
  • look at an idea from different angles and build a team that’s dedicated to bringing the idea to fruition;
  • evaluate the path to execution from beginning to end and determine where you want to end up, then reverse, and analyze how you will get there.

We’ve codified our planning processes which allows us to focus on identifying new trends and applying our insights to achieve highly profitable results.

To achieve these results, we only invest in three things:

  • in management;
  • in competitive advantage, and;
  • in simple businesses in which the value chain is understood.

KORR is a leading value investment fund because we have the knowledge, fortitude, and patience to achieve above-market returns.

  • Knowledge: We take the time to learn the company and its specific situations.
  • Fortitude: We base decisions on facts, not speculation and we aren’t influenced by the emotions of other shareholders.
  • Patience: We would rather miss an opportunity than chase one. We wait for the right opportunities to come and we take action when they do.