KORR Funds

KORR Acquisitions Group: Dedicated to Value Investing.

KORR, a registered investment adviser, invests in public companies that have market capitalizations of $50 million to $2 billion and offer a deep value entry price.

KORR subscribes to the deep value principles of Benjamin Graham, the father of value investing. Graham began teaching this investment approach in 1928 at Columbia Business School as an investment method that applies to both good and bad markets.

We invest in companies that have an entry price which is below our perceived present value if we have confidence that the investment will achieve our goals and appreciate to fair value through our management or activism.

Investment opportunities must offer a good value, and the disconnect between the current market price and our perceived intrinsic value of the company must be clear. We buy shares in a company when we understand its business, the reason for mispricing, how that price disparity will converge, and when if its corporate structure allows for a successful tender offer.

Holdings and Filings


KORR Fund Structure

Minimum Investment



Prime Broker: Interactive Brokers

US Banks: Wells Fargo and Signature Bank

Farkouh Furman and Faccio

Third party accounting, reporting, and administrative services

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Limited Partnership

IT Services/System Redundancy

Infinity Partners Group

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Management Fee


Performance Fee

20% performance after a 6% preferred rate of return