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The KORR Investment Philosophy

First, prioritize capital preservation

Any value investment scenario can offer fantastic opportunities for the intelligent investors. However, many investors are too afraid to touch stocks that are beaten down, because of the “heard” mentality.

While KORR aims for (and has delivered) high returns, our first goal is capital preservation. Many investors and funds playing in aggressive and potentially risky asset classes often indulge in healthy appetites for risk. That can pay off for a while, sometimes a long while, but a lack of attention to risk management tends to blow them up in the end. KORR, on the other hand, never losing sight of what ought to be the first responsibility of any money manager or individual investors: Protect your capital base.

Seize opportunities when they emerge

New opportunities for profit in the market are always emerging, but they rarely last long. Investors must be ready to seize opportunities when they pop up.

Information is king

Understanding the real implications of events before they are widely understood, pays in a market powered by data and humans’ reactions to the data.

The market is prone to irrational moods

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